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Giant 3D Puzzles Are Here In Peco Peco

If you are looking for a relaxing and fun experience then look no further than Peco Peco.

Solve and Cut Your Own Giant Puzzles

Peco Peco is not just about solving puzzles it's also about cutting your own. The game gives you the ability to not just solve giant 3D jigsaw puzzles that then come to life when they are solved, but also customize the puzzles with your own cuts so you can hand it off to friends and family to attempt to solve.

With 24 different models with different cuts as well, and even more coming soon there is plenty to keep you busy for the $9.99 price tag.


"Snap back giant 3D jigsaw puzzles in VR, and cut your own 3D puzzle gift for friends.

In this release:

2 series: Comfort Food and Diorama

24 models from 21 creators.

Some models are animated, but not all.

30 different puzzle cuts in total (we're adding more cuts regularly, updated over the air, no re-install).

7+ hours of play time to finish all the puzzle cuts

Create your own cuts in VR for your friends and family to play.

In Peco Peco the jigsaw puzzles feel physical: you manipulate the colorful pieces, you snap them, and as you snap them, the model comes to life with sounds and animations.

Thanks to VR, the models are much more impressive than your ordinary puzzles: giant cookies, dancing jelly fruits, entire miniature mythical battles, small magical worlds with floating boats and moving clouds…

Coming Next: New free series in preparation for Q1/Q2 2021, each including 12 models and 36 cuts:

Retro Collection


Cute cars


Swords and Katanas

Full-Size Robots "

Check it out here for $9.99 -

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