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VR Arcade Shooter Crisis VRigade 2 Hit's App Lab

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

I fell in love with arcade shooters like Time Crisis, House of the Dead and a really unique one called Police 911 that tracked your movement to hide behind cover. Crisis VRigade 1 and 2 capture that feeling and gaming style beautifully while also expanding on it in Virtual Reality.

Revolutionizing The Arcade Shooter With VR

If you've never played either of the Crisis VRigade games than you are in for a real treat if you are even the slightest fan of arcade shooters. Unlock traditional arcade shooters that are flat screen games and utilize a gimmick for movement like a pedal or moving from side to side these games will have you diving for cover in your living room trying to escape the barrage of bullets. Let me be clear about something. These games are hard, and they don't hold your hand or apologize either.

The Original Crisis VRigade

Visual Styles

The first game opted for a more cartoon style in it's visuals while Crisis VRigade 2 goes the more realistic route. Both styles work well but I personally really like the style of the newest game and I feel like it just adds even more to the level of immersion.

Get Ready To Sweat Your Butt Off

Both of these games will have you literally rolling around on the floor as you blind fire around corner and peak through windows. The first game, for me at least, is teetering on too hard. You will die over and over again. The second game while still very hard is more manageable. I love the boss battles in the 2nd game. They make you feel like you have jumped right into an outlandish arcade shooter.

Check out the original Crisis VRigade on App Lab here for $5.99 -

Check out Crisis VRigade on App Lab here for $19.99 -

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