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It's Time For An Anime Camping Trip

Laid-Back Camp - Virtual - Lake Motosu just launched on App Lab late last night and I'm not really sure what to think about it. It is a Japanese camping experience set in an anime universe and while it does look somewhat interesting it also costs $20.99 so I'm not really sold on it yet. Check out the trailer:

Virtual Camping Trip?

While a virtual camping trip does sound like it could be fun I don't really know about this game. I'm obvisouly not the target audience though as I'm just not a massive anime fan, but even then I'm not sure it would interest me enough to pay over $20 for it. What do you think? Are you going to pay the price to check out the game? Let me know in the comments.


"Experience Laid-Back Camp in 3D! Together, Nadeshiko (you!) and Rin embark on a new camping adventure at Lake Motosu, taking pictures and trying lots of delicious food. About the Game Set near scenic Mt. Fuji, Nadeshiko, Rin & co. encounter a variety of unique situations. Join them in VR via your smartphone for a short adventure game (each version is about the length of an anime episode), where the fully voiced characters and vibrant scenery will make you feel like you’re really there!"

Check it out here for $20.99 -

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