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Multiplayer Art Is Here In Multibrush

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Multibrush the multiplayer implementation of the open-source code for Tiltbush just launched on App Lab! Multiplayer for me is what makes VR special and adding in multiplayer to such an artistic game like Tiltbrush is an awesome addition.

Take Your Art To The Next Level With Others

Tiltbrush has been an artistic tool of choice for a lot of people and as someone lacking in artist talent myself I do enjoy it...but I my large blobs of nothingness have never been worth sharing. Now though with the addition of multiplayer in Multibrush, I would love to jump in with a talented artist and watch them work and learn from them. Even more than artists collaborating, which I think is amazing, this could be an awesome tool to teach people how to create VR art.

Right now Multibrush is still early in it's development so even though the multiplayer rooms do work they are still working on adding in the entire tool set and there may be stuff that doesn't function exactly right. Still it gives a good picture at what the future holds for collaborative art on the platform and the single player canvases are fully featured and working fine.


"MultiBrush is a multiplayer implementation of the open source code for Tilt Brush. Now you can play, create, and enjoy art - with friends! This is a first release, some things may not work perfectly and we are still implementing some tools in the multiplayer rooms. In individual canvases, the full set of tools is available to you. Stay tuned for more! This was made with love by the team at Rendever. Give us a shout! Twitter: @RendeverHealth Instagram:

Check it out here for free -

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